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Zlatko Cosic: Still Adjusting Closing Saturday

Travel across borders and cultures with Zlatko Cosic: Still Adjusting. Cosic’s experimental videos and artifact installation examine Cosic’s background as a young man living in Communist Yugoslavia, later in Capitalist America, and the adjusting of identity that kept him alive. Cosic’s installation Identity Artifacts allows viewers to discover the transformation of his identity during the 1990s. After surviving three […]

Exposure 15: Re-Domestic

Originally posted on August 21, 2012. From August 23rd to September 29th Gallery 210 will present Exposure 15: Re-Domestic featuring Heather Corley, Gina Alvarez and Deb Douglas. Emphasized by the title of this installation, the artworks created by these three women artists utilize traditional household crafts in each piece including stencils, glue and glitter, collage, flowery […]

The Emergence of “Whelm”

Originally posted on July 20, 2012. Sculptor Arny Nadler and assistants Stephanie Schlaifer and Jackson Suhre have braved the 100+ degree heat for the last nine days to install Whelm, a sculpture made of 11,000 feet of steel rebar (2,000 ft 1/2″ thick, 9,000 ft 3/8″ thick) that twists and sprawls on the front lawn […]